Friday, July 20, 2018

European Commission to fund UrFU projects through Tempus program

The European Commission will be providing funding to two international Ural Federal University projects through its Tempus program.

The projects offer new approaches to ensure the quality of education programs, internationally, specifically in the area of engineering. The EC's Tempus program--launched in 2008--seeks to support the modernization of higher education institutions in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and Western Balkans.

Irina Sholin, the director of the Center for Engineering Education Development in the Graduate School of Engineering at UrFU, said the university's geographical position puts it at the forefront of educational policy.

The projects offer education programs online that are geared toward implementing a quality monitoring system. It aims at developing and implementing a pilot partner at universities around the world for doctoral programs in the engineering sciences. The programs would be in accordance with the Bologna process and the ten principles of Salzburg.