Thursday, July 19, 2018

Russian consulates open visa process for Sochi Olympics spectators

Russian consulate offices worldwide have opened a special process for Sochi-bound spectators to acquire visas to attend the upcoming winter Olympics.

Through the "Olympic windows", Russian consulates have implemented a special system of documents processing, which will allow spectators to receive prompt servicing of their visa applications, The Voice of Russia reports.

"The visitors need to prove that they are really planning to attend sports events or the opening or closing ceremonies of the games," Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director Yuri Materiy said, according to The Voice of Russia. "They need to show their entry tickets for attending the stated sports events or electronic confirmation ticket purchase sent by the Sochi 2-14 Organization Committee or its official ticket agents or its fan passport."

Olympic windows will remain open until April, and services will be extended for those planning to attend the Paralympics games. Olympic athletes will not be required to obtain visas prior to arriving in Sochi; their entry is secured through official Olympic accreditation.