Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Children's Philharmonic honors distinguished physicians in Yekaterinburg

Last week, the Children's Philharmonic hosted a ceremony to honor distinguished Russian physicians.

The title of distinguished physician was established in 1940, and the first doctors earned the title in Sverdlovsk just three years later, according to Oblastnaya Gazeta.

The first to receive the awards were Vladimir Dmitriev, the head of the infection department at Kushvinskogo Hospital; Paul Miroschnikov, the head physician of the Artemovskaya Hospital; Matthew Lewontin, a professor at the Institute of Occupational Disease; and Gleb Bogolyubov, the head of the TB ward infirmary at Uralmashzavoda.

The number of distinguished physicians has grown to over 100, some of whom continue to work while others have retired, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports.