Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg Opera, Ballet to present "Morozko" children's Christmas play

The Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre will present "Morozko," meaning Jack Frost--a children's opera--in December in January.

The play will be performed with libretto and musical direction by Vladimir Bocharov, a merited artist of Russia and the winner of the Sverdlovsk Governor's Prize. Fellow Sverdlovsk Governor's Prize winner Leonid Yakushev will be direct the play, and the set will be designed by another merited artist of Russia Stanislav Fesko.

ikolay Sapozhnikov is responsible for the choreography, with Dmitry Luzin acting as chorus manager. Elena Nakishova is the children's chorus master.

Morozko is an old Russian folk tale about a girl whose step mother insists that her father take her out into the forest and leave her there to freeze to death. While sitting in the forest, the young girl greets Morozko, or Jack Frost, without fear or anger. Morozko then brings her warm clothes and jewels. When the father returns for her body, he finds her with these things and brings her back home to his stunned wife.

The stepmother then insists that the father take her own daughter to the same spot in the woods and leave her there. When Morozko greets her, she screams at him and demands warmth, eventually suffering a fate much worse than her stepsister's.