Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg administrative head Yakob to unveil three kindergarten facilities

Yekaterinburg administrative head Alexander Yakob will unveil three new kindergarten facilities on Friday.

A refurbished kindergarten and preschool facility will be the first to be unveiled. Yekaterinburg's administration first closed schools Nos. 6 and 29 located on Opalihinskoy and Bebel streets for extensive repairs last year. The schools have now been combined into a state-of-the-art educational complex featuring a separate preschool and recreational area. When opened, the school will accommodate 175 area children, reports.

Next, Yakob will preside over the re-opening of kindergarten No. 71 on Schmidt street. Originally built in 1962, the building was used by the Leninsky district Department of Education until closing in 2004 due to its poor condition. Renovations on the facility began in June, and the school will reopen as kindergarten No. 278 with a new roof, doors, windows and modern heating and plumbing.

Finally, the former Ural Lift Plant is set to re-open as kindergarten No. 66. Built in 1954, the former home of Ural Lift and, later, UK Tchkalovskaya, closed its doors in May after being acquired by the municipal government. Contractors have installed the building's roof and other elements of its infrastructure, such as electrical supply and sewer systems to prepare it for reopening as a 75-seat kindergarten, reports.