Saturday, July 21, 2018

Five-story submariner complex finished in Gadzhiyevo

Last weekend, construction was finished on a five-story housing complex in the village of Gadzhiyevo to be occupied by families of submariners living in the Arctic Circle.

In total, 48 families are preparing to move into the housing complex, which features thick insulated walls, marble floors, stainless steel appliances and an internal communication network that allows families in the complex to communicate with their loved ones under the sea, reports.

A housewarming event is expected to take place this week and will be attended by regional government and military officials, as well as representatives from private companies that helped construct the housing unit. Private industry has helped provide housing for sailors and their families in the area for more than 15 years.

A delegation of municipal officials from Yekaterinburg has already arrived in Gadzhiyevo, bringing with them housewarming gifts for sailors and their families, including laptops, office equipment, cleaning supplies, fresh produce and spa products.

The housewarming event will kick off with a concert by rock group Semantic Hallucinations, reports.