Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rostelecom to offer on-demand karaoke tracks through iTV

Russian telecommunications provider Rostelecom announced recently that it plans to offer up to 2,000 on-demand karaoke tracks as a part of its Interactive TV subscription service.

Accessible to subscribers through Interactive TV's "Services" section, karaoke songs can be searched for and sorted using a number of parameters, including song title, artist name and genre. Users can save a track for later play using the "Playlist" feature.

"We are pleased to offer services to users," Rostelecom Director of Media Assets Andrei Golovanov said. "Using the services is very simple, and most importantly--[users] no longer need to buy [a] player with Karaoke CDs...all necessary functions are already in the Interactive TV."

Rostelecom plans to add 200 fully-licensed songs to the service every three months.

Interactive TV subscribers can add the Karaoke service to their subscription package for around $4.50 per 48 hours.