Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg holds ceremony commemorating reconstruction of Black Tulip memorial

Yekaterinburg administration head Alexander Yacob presided over the re-opening ceremony of Yekaterinburg's Black Tulip memorial complex on Saturday, honoring the Russian soldiers killed in recent foreign wars.

With the walls inscribed with the names of 706 fallen soldiers, Black Tulip memorializes Russian and former Soviet Union servicemen and women who were killed in Afghanistan and in the North Caucasus, Ekburg.ru reports.

Construction of the memorial began in 1992, and a portion of the complex opened first in 1995, devoted to the soldiers from the Sverdlovsk region who were killed in military conflicts. In 2002, work began on a second portion of Black Tulip to commemorate local soldiers killed in Chechnya and Dagestan.

The most recent addition to Black Tulip includes the erection of a warrior sculpture in the center of the complex, as well as the installation of a working alarm bell, whose chimes symbolize the eternal memory of the soldiers' names inscribed in the memorial, according to Ekburg.ru.

"This memorial is known far beyond our city," Yacob said, Ekburg.ru reports. "This year, the initiative was supported by public organizations to complete a sculptural composition."