Saturday, June 23, 2018

Skolkovo Foundation to provide $1.22 million grant to T8 to upgrade servers

Last week, the Skolkovo Foundation, a partner of Iskander Makhmudov's Transmashholding, approved a $1.22 million grant proposal from regional IT firm and internet provider T8 to upgrade the company's servers.

As a result, T8 will be able to offer customers in select service areas online transfer speeds of up to 100 GB per second and a bandwidth of up to 9.6 TB per second.

"Given the growth of traffic, such speeds will be needed in two to three years," T8 CEO Vladimir Treschikov said. "By that time we will have a ready-made, well-regulated production."

Prior to receiving funding from the Skolkovo Foundation, T8 had been leading the region's internet service providers in increasing the availability of high-speed internet.

"We have already achieved significant results," Treschikov said. "We [were] the first Russian company that has developed a coherent DWDM-channel system with a speed of 100 GB."

The Skolkovo Fund presented T8 with its grant money in a ceremony last week at CNews Awards, where representatives of the fund praised the company for its service to the Russian community.