Friday, June 22, 2018

Yekaterinburg's second subway line to cost $1.22 billion

Yekaterinburg's city administration said recently that its second subway line is expected to cost $1.22 billion.

"About 80 percent of funding for the first line was supplied by the municipal authorities, and the remaining 20 percent were provided by Sverdlovsk Region and national authorities," Alexander Vysosinksy, the deputy head of of the Yekaterinburg administration, said, according to Ural Business Consulting. "At the moment, we cannot afford to start building the second line on our own, which is why we are currently negotiating on co-financing."

The same team of contractors who worked on the first line will also be engaged in the construction of the new line. A certain sum from the budget has already been set aside by the administration for the project.