Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ural Airlines taking bids on supplier contracts

Ural Airlines will begin accepting bids from suppliers at the conclusion of its current contract to supply goods.

The supplier offer should contain the name and address of the supplier, name of goods, manufactured goods, information on labeling and packaging containers, price unit for the product including VAT, information about the product's completeness, settlement procedure and timing and order of delivery.

The proposal needs to be signed by an authorized person and sealed by the supplier. It will be addressed to the purchaser along with documents from Appendix No. 2.

The airline has the right to enter into a contract with the vendor of its choice and is not obligated to notify the supplier of the reasons for the refusal of the agreement.

The supplier will pay for costs associated with the preparation of the documents.

Documents can be sent to Deputy Director General-Director of Operations Vladimir Ilyich Chikilev at Ural Airlines.