Monday, June 25, 2018

Byeloretsk No. 14 takes lead in UrFU's Test Drive campaign

On Wednesday, Ural Federal University announced that a delegation of boys from Bashkiria's Byeloretsk High School No. 14 have taken the lead with the most votes to date for their video and slideshow presentation as part of Ural Federal University's Test Drive contest.

The Byeloretsk group has received 3,048 likes as of last week. Meanwhile, a student from the Perm region's school No. 3 is in second place with 1,826 votes.

The Test Drive contest has brought more than 113 students together to create video and photographic slideshows of huskies. Voting is conducted online using a social media, "liking" format similar to Facebook. The program's online voting mechanism closed on Nov. 15.