Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nauru pledges support for Russia in domestic, international issues

Last week, Nauruvian President Divavesi Waqa met with Sverdlovsk regional Acting Governor Yakov Silin to discuss measures to expand the pacific nation's relationship with Russia.

During the meeting, Waqa pledged his country's total support for Russia's position on all issues, both domestic and international, The Voice of Russia reports.

Waqa expressed enthusiasm for developing a Russian-Nauruvian agreement of cooperation for economic and humanitarian initiatives.

The meeting continued with a discussion on Yekaterinburg's bid to host the 2020 World Expo, during which Waqa offered his support for the city's campaign for hosting rights.

"We highly appreciate a positive attitude of the Republic of Nauru to Russia's bid to host Expo 2020," Silin said, according to The Voice of Russia. "We expect your support and in case of the victory we hope the Republic of Nauru will have its exposition at the exhibition."

At the conclusion of the meeting, Silin offered to consider adding the Republic of Nauru to a list of recommended Oceania countries wherein Ural-region citizens are encouraged to visit.