Thursday, June 21, 2018

Rostelecom provides all-Russian youth forum with Wi-Fi services

Rostelecom provided the all-Russian youth forum held in Yaroslavl last week with Wi-Fi internet access.

The forum brought together more than 700 gifted students and their teachers, offering communication, training and the presentations of projects and ideas from young intellectuals.

Rostelecom established 22 Wi-Fi stations at the event in classrooms, the exhibition area, a recreation area, a conference room and a press center. The internet access allowed participants to share their experiences in real time.

The forum organized business games, lectures, special guests and the presentation of projects, tours and concerts. The event was structured into six sections: communications, medicine, business, space, transportation and energy.

Rostelecom uses its own infrastructure and telecommunication resources to implement long-term social projects throughout the Russian Federation.