Saturday, January 20, 2018

Norwegian chemistry professor Truls Norby to lecture at UrFU

Norwegian professor Truls Norby of the University of Oslo will visit Ural Federal University in order to deliver lectures between Nov. 6 and Nov. 9 at the Institute of Natural Sciences.

Norby is a specialist in the field of defect chemistry and proton conductivity in oxide materials. He is also a member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and serves on the editorial boards of such international journals as "Solid State Ionics" and "Solid State Protonic Conductors." He is also a representative of the University of Oslo in the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum and the Council of SINTEF. He was also awarded the prize for innovation from the University of Oslo in 2012.

Norby is also the head of RFBR ERA-Net, a pilot program of FP7, which involves researchers and representatives from universities and research centers in France, Germany and Greece.