Monday, June 18, 2018

Luxury Italian restaurant Castor opens in Yekaterinburg

Castor, a fine dining Italian restaurant, opened last week in the Luxury Gallery in Yekaterinburg.

Now the fifth restaurant to open in Luxury Gallery, Castor's menu features such Mediterranean fare as fish, seafood and dolmites. Castor's menu also includes traditional Italian favorites like sausage, smoked meats, pasta and risotto, reports.

Executive Chef Luca Natalini's goal in creating Castor was to assemble simple but bright flavors often found in the kitchens of small Italian farms. Natalini's flavors are further complemented by Castor's comfortable ambiance, which features a fireplace to which guests are welcome to add coals.

For now, Castor's menu features 20 items, but Natalini and his staff plan to slowly grow Castor's offerings over the next year.

The restaurant's extensive wine list starts at $63 per bottle for whites and $95 per bottle for reds, according to