Thursday, July 19, 2018

Russian government to fund regional engineering center at UrFU

The Russian government recently announced its support for the creation of a regional engineering center at Ural Federal University--one of 96 universities that submitted ideas for federal funding.

The center will encourage the formation of new areas of research and development, as well as the emergence of new professions and qualifications of new businesses and trends in art and design.

Of the initial 95 applications, only 65 applicants moved on past the first stage, and only five were expected to be selected. However, the working group selected eleven projects and increased the total amount of financing.

The UrFU engineering center is designed to eliminate the delay in Russia's use and application of laser and additive technologies to create a single domestic base for their use and development in the Ural region. It will also promote the emergence of high-tech industries in the Urals as part of an effort to produce world-class products.