Thursday, July 19, 2018

Rostelecom to provide set-top boxes for Interactive TV

Rostelecom said recently that it will provide set-top boxes for the provision of services for "Interactive TV"--part of an agreement that will cut the initial value of the two lots by more than 23 percent.

Interactive TV enables users to efficiently and easily manage television viewing, giving them the opportunity to record or watch programs from the past three days. Users can also pause and rewind. It also provides a video library service of over 1.2 million high quality movies and TV series. Rostelecom has direct contracts for the supply of content from Walt Disney Studio, Warner Brothers, Sony Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, 21st Century Fox, BBC, Paradise, TsentralPartnerShip and STV.

Rostelecom works consistently to improve the efficiency of procurement procedures so as to actively achieve the best conditions. The initial contract price for the two lots was set at $48.68 million but decreased to $37.2 million after a re-auction, marking a drop of over 23 percent.

The winning bid includes the sale of 656,000 sets of Interactive TV Standard and Interactive TV Standard Plus. Forty-seven thousands sets of Interactive TV Standard Plus will also be delivered to SmartLabs, and 609,000 sets of Interactive TV Standard delivered to SmartLabs, Promzakazy and Ultrasonic Promsvyaz.

Rostelecom will receive the necessary technical resources to further increase the number of subscribers to the service, which is currently provided to over 1.7 million families in Russia.