Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sinara Transport Machines presents new diesel engines at Ural Mining Industry Forum

Sinara Transport Machines recently presented a new family of DM-185 diesel engines at the fifth Ural Mining Industry Forum dedicated to mining vehicles and equipment.

Experts from UDMZ Ural Diesel Engine Plant, a member of Sinara Transport Machines, presented on their new family of DM-185 diesel engines, which have a capacity of 750 to 4,600 kilowatts. The engines were designed for use in mining vehicles, according to Ural Business Consulting.

After the forum, UDMZ offered a tour of its plant for representatives of Russia's largest mining companies.

Alexei Bozhenov, the manager of UDMZ's Diesel Manufacturing Project, said design work related to the development of the diesel engine range was completed and that the plant was now busy tuning the diesel onto the single-cylinder unit. The company will present technical tests by the end of the year, after which a prototype will be constructed, Ural Business Consulting reports.