Friday, June 22, 2018

Yekaterinburg to begin construction of overpass near Amundsen

The city of Yekaterinburg said recently that it will begin construction of an overpass near the Amundsen bypass, following completion of the Moscow interchange bypass.

Design plans for the overpass were approved at a meeting of the Yekaterinburg Administration on Beautification, Transportation and Environment last Tuesday, reports.

City officials called for the overpass to be completed in time for the 2018 World Cup events in Yekaterinburg. The overpass allows for more traffic to bypass Amundsen Street and continue onto a six-lane highway, ultimately alleviating local traffic.

"The lower level [of the bypass] will be regulated by traffic lights, at the same time to improve traffic at this intersection [we will] prohibit all left turns," Yekaterinburg Deputy Chairman of Transport Sergei Yaskevich said, according to "[Traffic] will run through the related right turns; U-turns will be made under the overpass."

The road system's designers also plan to make special considerations for pedestrian traffic by constructing special walkways that span the length of the overpass' flyover. Moreover, noise-blocking screens will be installed to minimize traffic sounds to nearby residential areas.