Tuesday, June 19, 2018

UrFU develop student-friendly mobile app for Android

Ural Federal University students from the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences in the Institute of Civil Engineering recently launched a mobile application for UrFU students using Android devices, allowing the students to monitor class schedule changes and to upload classwork.

The developers, Pavel Votyakov, Pavel Dik and Nikita Zherebtsov, who are working to enhance the functions of the application, are now looking for feedback from users and have also begun developing the application for iOS and Windows Phone systems.

Ural Federal University declared the 2013-2014 academic year to be a year of IT, with key events including the ACM ICPC World Finals, which will be held at the university. The developers of the app have received support from the university, as well as from leading IT companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco Systems, SKB Kontur and others.

The UrFU Prospective Student app, also developed by the students, is a leader in Google Play and was given a 5.0 evaluation from users.