Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ura.ru editor: Panova did not engage in extortion

Ura.ru Chief Editor Michael Viyugin told a Yekaterinburg court on Monday that Oksana Panova was not engaged in extortion during her time as chief editor of Ura.ru.

Earlier this year, Panova was arrested on charges of extorting Sverdlovsk regional politicians and officials in sums exceeding $370,000. Moreover, Panova has been charged with using her position as Ura.ru's chief editor to funnel more than $400,000 from the publication into her own personal bank accounts. Finally, Panova is charged with fraud and theft in the amount of $3 million, Interfax reports.

Prior to Panova's arrest, Viyugin served as her deputy editor at Ura.ru. Viyugin now holds Panova's position at the publication and has testified to Panova's innocence on several occasions.