Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg residents post signs condemning neglectful dog owners

Last week, a group of Yekaterinburg residents posted hundreds of signs throughout the city's parks with the message "Beware the evil dog lovers!"

The disgruntled citizens are hoping to raise awareness towards the growing number of dog owners who will not clean up their pets' excrement. More than 10 Yekaterinburg parks have been designated as dog-friendly, and despite being equipped with disposable waste bag dispensers, the parks are littered with dog excrement, Ekburg.ru reports.

Recently, the city ordinances stating that dog owners can be fined for neglecting to clean up after their animals were canceled by special request from the Yekaterinburg Prosecutor's Office.

"Those rules have been in the administration of the city, and they were based on rules published in the Sverdlovsk region, have been challenged by the prosecution, and we had to cancel them," Sergei Arkhipov, the chairman of Yekaterinburg's Ecology and Environment Committee said, according to Ekburg.ru.