Thursday, June 21, 2018

Divers find largest fragment of Chelyabinsk meteor to date

Local officials in the Urals announced last week that a diving team has recovered the largest fragment found thus far from the meteorite that fell into the Chelyabinsk region in February.

Weighing an estimated 10.5 pounds, the fragment was found in the bottom of Lake Chebarkul. Since the incident in February, professional divers have been searching the lake at depths of 52 feet for pieces of the exploded meteorite, RIA Novosti reports.

Since diving operations began, a total of five rocks have been recovered from Lake Chebarkul, each believed to be a piece of the meteorite. Experts from regional universities have been on-hand to analyze each fragment and attest to their authenticity.

The second largest piece of the meteorite, estimated to weigh 7.5 pounds, was found in late August by a local resident, according to RIA Novosti.