Friday, July 20, 2018

Rostelecom launches 2G/3G mobile network in Novosibirsk

Russia's national telecommunications operator Rostelecom recently launched its multi-standard 2G/3G+ mobile network in Novosibirsk.

With the new network, customers will receive high quality digital voice services and high-speed data services required by subscribers with smartphones and tablets, Hispanic Business reports.

Rostelecom launched 3G+ networks in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region, Krasnodar Krai and the Tambov region in the third quarter of this year, successfully completing its goal of launching 3G mobile networks in 22 Russian regions. Next year, the company has plans to launch 3G services in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Rostelecom's 3G+ network is installed using modern HSPA+ technology, which provides data transfer speeds of up to 21MB per second, compared with 3.6MB per second speeds provided by the first 3G networks. Rostelecom's mobile network uses a high-capacity fiber-optic network in order to fully unlock the capabilities of HSPA+ technology, according to Hispanic Business.

As part of its 3G network construction, Rostelecom will also establish over 8,000 base stations across the country.

The networks will all be LTE-ready so that the company can deploy its 4G LTE network. Rostelecom provides mobile services to over 13.8 million subscribers. Its subsidiaries include NCC CJSC, BWC CJSC, ETC CJSC, Sky Link CJSC and Volgograd-GSM CJSC, Hispanic Business reports.