Sunday, June 17, 2018

UrFU teams up with Finnish university to develop business model for SKB-Kontur

Ural Federal University's Graduate School of Economics and Management recently partnered with Finland's Aalto University School of Business to launch a business model seminar as part of a pilot project with SKB-Kontur to develop the company.

"Scholars of the Finnish university have unique experience in development of business models in the sphere of industry, innovations, economics and design," Danil Sandler, the vice rector for strategic planning and economic development and the director of the UrFU graduate school, said. "Thus, Graduate School of Economics and Management in cooperation with Aalto offers a new product which is aimed at moderating modernisation of companies' business models and at helping the University's numerous bring in new competences."

Pekka Mattila, a professor from Aalto Executive Education, said the seminar program will allow SKB-Kontur to gain a "sufficient competitive edge" by branding a new business model. The next workshop and drafting session will be held for two days in October and two days in November.

"Innovation is not an aim in itself," SKB-Kontur head Evgeny Petrov said. "We are interested in international experience. We are seeking to find out more about international companies developing specific practical cases, analyse participants' feedbacks, and, what is particularly important, to concentrate on the essential aspects and examine what role they play in our company's strategy in order to correct and improve it."