Friday, June 22, 2018

UrFU professors win recognition for archaeological discoveries

The World Archaeology Forum held recently in Shanghai, hosted by China's Institute of Archaeology, brought together over 250 scientists from 20 countries, including UrFU professors in the archaeology and history departments, who won recognition for their archaeological discoveries.

The goal of the forum is to promote development and innovation in archaeological research, and to raise awareness and understanding of the significance of archaeology for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage in the world. It also aspires to promote international cooperation and partnership between scientists and the public around the globe.

The forum invited the five most prominent projects in two categories to present at the forum: "archaeological discoveries" and "research." After a competitive selection process, the work of UrFU professors L.N. Koryakova and O. Korochkova, was chosen based on its work regarding the origin of metallurgy in the Urals."

Researchers at the forum shared their ways and methods of extracting information from archaeological material. Organizers of the event plan to release a publication announcing the latest discoveries in the world of archaeology.