Wednesday, September 19, 2018

RGPPU holds business ideas competition at Moscow graduate school

As the final stage of a master class on start-ups for students and teachers, Russian Public Professional-Teaching University--or RGPPU--held a Business Ideas Competition hosted by Lawrence Wright and Alex Charles, teachers at the Moscow Skolkovo School of Management.

Participants were tested in theoretical sessions, where they learned about start-ups, venture capital funds and entrepreneurial ecosystems. They learned that a start-up requires skill more than money and that ideas and empathy, observation and creativity, constant interaction with potential customers and the ability to get people involved in the implementation of ideas makes a favorable impression on investors, which helps define success over careful planning and forecasting of risks.

After the theoretical lessons, teachers split students into teams in order to allow them to generate ideas for their own businesses and present them to an audience. A team led by fifth-year student Marina Fominikh won first prize, after which Fominikh was invited to study with Bob Dorf, a successful entrepreneur and author of the book "Start-Up."

The RGPPU program offers activities to promote students' business initiatives and career development.