Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg authorities search for loose crocodile

Yekaterinburg police are currently searching for a loose crocodile last seen on Wednesday near a circus establishment on the Iset River.

At least two different municipal police divisions have come into contact with the crocodile, but neither have attempted to catch it, The Moscow Times reports.

"It's not our job to catch animals," a police spokesperson said, according to The Moscow Times. "We have no instructions about what we should do when we find it."

The crocodile's origin remains uncertain, but some believe the crocodile was touring with the nearby circus. Representatives from the circus troupe, however, have stated that all its crocodiles are accounted for.

Police urge citizens to exercise caution if they come into contact with the crocodile, especially residents of the Leninsky district, where the crocodile is said to be located, The Moscow Times reports.