Monday, June 18, 2018

Nomos Bank guarantees $7.58 million to Volga region's Svyazstroy-4

Nomos Bank recently issued a bank guarantee of $7.58 million of Svyazstroy-4, the largest of the Volga region's horizontal directional drilling and communications building enterprises.

The intention of the bank guarantee is to secure the repayment of the advance payment under the contract to build a communications network.

Nomos Bank and Svyazstroy-4 have been collaborating partners since 2010. The company operates in settlement and cash services, and the bank uses credit products.

The structure of the trust accounts for 18 subsidiaries, with four regional management entities operating 19 sites. There are 440 units of special construction, trucking and automotive engineering equipped in the trust, with 100 vehicles purchased after 2005.

The Svyazstroy-4 trust offers a comprehensive approach to the construction of communication infrastructure, based on the needs of its customers, broad technical capabilities and experience of the performers, as well as a mutually beneficial partnership with reasonable pricing. The trust uses well-functioning project management technology, providing for the implementation of specialist design and commissioning of communication.

Nomos Bank is the sixth-largest banking group in Russia by assets and the second-largest Russian private universal bank. It has an extensive regional network.