Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sverdlovsk officials meet to discuss winter preparedness

Denis Pasler, the chairman of the Sverdlovsk regional government, held a conference with local officials earlier this week to examine the region's preparedness for the upcoming winter.

During the conference, Pasler reported that technical training programs to prepare for the winter are approximately 70 percent complete. Extensive checks of the region's fuel supplies are underway, and the government has finished preliminary calculations of the region's energy needs.

Sverdlovsk Minister of Energy and Housing Nikolai Smirnov said heat and water networks are nearly 80 percent primed for the winter. Further hydraulic testing of thermal networks has yet to be completed.

Representatives from the region's Ministry of Energy reported that liquid fuel reserves amount to around 10,000 tons -- twice the minimum amount to heat the region during the winter. However, the representatives also said light to extensive repair work will be needed in utility hubs in the Tavdinsky, Artinsky, Reftinskiy, Pyshminsky, Serov and Talitskii urban districts.

Testing of regional amenities began in May and are set to be completed at the end of August.