Monday, June 18, 2018

Housing shortage leads UrFU to launch rent subsidization program

A record number of applications this semester has left some Ural Federal University students who enrolled in the university without housing, leading UrFU to allow the students the ability to use public assistance to pay for room and board.

The university received more than 20,000 applications, and less than 5,000 students were admitted. Through the program, the university will subsidize rent for students without housing who have to seek a roommate or apartment.

The process requires students to provide a personal application that they can then return to the university. UrFU has pledged to compensate up to a certain amount, providing relief for housing issues in the interim period between the demolition of old dormitories and the construction of new building.

Additionally, the university plans to continue of offer the rent subsidization program to students not renting from the school even after the new dormitories are built.