Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ural Airlines, Koltsovo Airport celebrate 70th anniversary of Ural aviation

Ural Airlines and the Koltsovo Airport recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of Ural aviation at the Dc Aviaktorov settlement.

Workers from Ural Airlines and Koltsovo who were involved in the early development of aviation in the Urals were invited as honored guests.

The ceremony included performances of songs about the sky and airplanes, which took place in a decorated concert hall. The executive director of Koltsovo Airport opened the event, along with the director of production from Ural Airlines. The hosts expressed gratitude to the guests for all their hard work and dedication.

The event also featured a concert performance with popular music groups and children's dance groups.

The 70th anniversary of aviation in the Urals and the anniversary of civil aviation will continue throughout the year.