Monday, June 18, 2018

Nomos Bank fulfills 2011 BO-03 series bond acquisition obligations

Nomos Bank recently fulfilled its obligations on the early acquisition its BO-03 series bonds with identification number 4B020302209B from 2011.

In total, 1,733,224 bonds were purchased--a total cost of $52.8 million. The issuer purchased the stock-market bonds at 100 percent of the nominal value, and holders were paid an accrued coupon income over the purchase price totaling $0.04 per bond.

Nomos is a privately-owned Russian universal bank that offers services to corporations, small business and retail clients. It also offers investment banking services and serves as a strong player in corporate lending with a well-diversified exposure to a wide array of industries, geographies and customer segments.

It has one of the largest players in domestic interbank lending, trading, FOREX and brokerage, with its investment banking franchise. The group's retail segment is also growing, supported by an extensive distribution network.