Saturday, June 23, 2018

Detroit Red Wings' Pavel Datsyuk to serve as post-graduation role model for UrFU

UrFU student and Detroit Red Wings alternate captain Pavel Datsyuk[/caption]During a meeting with Ural Federal University officials, professional hockey player and UrFU student Pavel Datsyuk vowed to serve as a role model to his classmates after he graduates.

Datsyuk, a professional hockey player in the North American league, is a fourth year student at UrFU's Institute of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy. The young athlete's concentration is in sports management.

While Datsyuk has won several awards for athletic accomplishments, including the Stanley Cup, he stressed the importance of education.

UrFU considers Datsyuk to be the pride of the university, demonstrating to students that one can maintain a life outside their studies while being a very active member of the university community.

After graduation, Datsyuk will still be a visible part of the university, mentoring student athletes and lending his celebrity to university events.