Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Couple investigated over blog criticizing Russian Orthodox Church

Petr and Olga Tkalich, a retired couple, were recently placed under investigation by the Russian Internal Security Service for their 2006 online blog comments criticizing the Russian Orthodox Church.

The couple have long been prominent members of the evangelical Protestant Pentecostal movement, a movement that has been vocal about its opposition to the Russian Orthodox Church, of which President Vladimir Putin is a member, BBC reports.

According to authorities, Petr Tkalich posted harsh comments about the Russian Orthodox Church, claiming its members were anti-Semitic. Tkalich also allegedly said that Russia's church leaders are are "servants of the antichrist," according to the BBC.

During a visit to the Tkalich home by authorities, Petr Tkalich was told that he and his wife should leave Russia.