Wednesday, June 20, 2018

UrFU releases list of political impact statements

Ural Federal University's Laboratory of Regional Political Studies recently released its list of regional politicians who have made either a noticeably positive or negative impact during the month of June.

Among the winners are Yekaterinburg Deputy Head of City Administration Vladimir Tungusov and First Deputy Chief of Staff for the Sverdlovsk Governor's Office Alexey Bagaryakov. Tungusov received positive attention in June for being approved as a United Russia candidate for the city duma. Bagaryakov received special commendation from his political party for having served on the Regional Legislative Assembly.

Pervouralsk Mayor Yuri Pereversev was listed among June's losers who retired after being elected. Sverdlovsk Vice-Governor Yakov Silin received negative attention for saying he would not support Tungusov if Silin is elected mayor of Yekaterinburg.