Saturday, June 23, 2018

Yandex to offer web development classes in Yekaterinburg

Beginning Sept. 17, Yandex will offer web development classes twice per week in Yekaterinburg.

Previously, the program was held in Moscow and Simferopol and was designed for graduate students and recent college graduates with basic knowledge and some experience in programming who wanted to boost their skills in the area of front-end development.

The classes will be free, and registration will be open until Aug. 31. The application can be found on the Yandex website.

The course is three months long and includes a series of lectures on various aspects of front-end development. The class culminates in an exam.

The program offers high school graduates the unique opportunity of seeing the work of one of the largest IT companies from within, with a two-month paid internship and the possibility of becoming an employee within the company.