Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Anti-gay group Occupy Pedophilia claims responsibility for murder of Uzbek LGBT activist

Russian anti-gay group Occupy Pedophilia has claimed responsibility for the torture and murder of an unnamed Uzbek LGBT activist.

To date, no one has been charged with the murder under Putin's recently passed legislation outlawing homosexuality, according to Passport Magazine.

The unanswered crime has caught the attention of civil rights activists such as Dr. Valetin Degtyarev, who has publicly opposed Putin and the Duma's moves to criminalize homosexuals. In attempting to raise awareness of Occupy Pedophilia's torture of young homosexual men (the group frequently videotapes such acts and uploads them to its website), Degtyarev has received threats against his safety.

The majority of Occupy Pedophilia's violent activities has been concentrated in the Sverdlovsk region, namely in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky. Recently, members of the group kidnapped activist Artem Gorodilov. Upon bringing Gorodilov to a local cemetery, members of the group beat him and forced him to run for his life carrying a large wooden cross which the group stole from a nearby grave, Passport Magazine reports.

Meanwhile, the region's District Attorney and Governor's offices remain silent regarding Occupy Pedophilia, as officials believe the group is a "...civil movement fighting the sings of the society", according to Passport Magazine.

Ultimately, Gorodilov's attackers were brought in for police questioning for having desecrated the grave, but were released shortly after.