Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nationalist gang in Kamensk-Uralsky depicts torture of young gay men in taped videos

A nationalist gang in the Kamensk-Uralsky area has begun releasing a series of videos depicting the torture of young gay men.

Under the auspices of arranging romantic encounters, the gang contacts young men online and lures them into concealed locations where they force them to drink urine and beat them with sex toys or other weapons while being taped. Many of the gang's victims are minors, The Atlantic reports.

The gang's stated goal for its action is to cure young men of homosexuality. Operating under the name Occupy Pedophilia, the Kamensk-Uralsky gang began as a movement to publicly shame pedophiles by luring them with the promise of romantic encounters and videotaping the offenders.

Since the passage of anti-homosexual propaganda laws by the the state Duma and Vladimir Putin last month, Occupy Pedophilia has shifted its attention towards homosexual males, which the group views as equally threatening as pedophiles.

"They have been given carte blanche for their actions by these laws," Gay Pride Russia founder Nikolai Aleksyev said, according to The Atlantic. "They have received signals from the highest officials in the state -- the Duma, the president -- that basically you can do whatever you want if it concerns gay people because they are not first-class citizens; they are second-class or even third-class."

Members of the international community have joined Aleksyev in taking steps to combat harassment of gay people in Russia by Occupy Pedophilia and similar groups. Washington D.C.-headquartered Spectrum Human Rights was among the first American groups to become involved in raising awareness of the treatment of gay people in Russia by teaming up with Buzzfeed to disseminate the shocking images to the public. Some members of the international community have suggested a worldwide boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Demonstrators gathered outside the Russian embassy in Washington D.C. last week to protest Russia's anti-gay laws, according to The Atlantic.