Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Service to be held in honor of UrFU professor Gert Kandaurova

A farewell memorial will be held on Wednesday for UrFU scientist and professor Gert S. Kandaurova, who died recently after a prolonged battle will illness.

Kandaurova was born in Moscow in 1929 and graduated from the physics and mathematics department at Ural Federal University in 1951. She received her doctorate of physical and mathematical sciences in 1974, became a professor in 1976, became an honored scientist of the Russian Federation in 1995 and a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences in 2004. She was named an honorary professor of the university last year.

Kandaurova was the leading teacher in the Department of Magnetism and Magnetic Nanomaterials since its inception in 1958. For 60 years, Kandaurova has contributed to the implementation and improvement of the training of the physics of magnetism, developing a fundamental course in "Magnetism of Solids."

Together with students and colleagues, Kandaurova helped set new patterns in the behavior and properties of magnetic domains and domain walls, discovered a new type of magneto-optical diffraction and introduced a completely new concept of cooperative domain structures in crystals with complex microstructure. One of her most important achievements was the discovery of a new physical phenomenon in the dynamic self-organization of magnetic domains.