Saturday, June 23, 2018

Railway forum held at Krasnaya Polyana Olympic venue

A strategic forum on the railway business was held recently at the Krasnaya Polyana Olympic venue, located at the end of a new 30-mile rail line built for the upcoming Sochi 2014 Olympics.

The forum displayed how Russian Railways' projects had progressed over the course of the year. Just one a year ago the tunnel boring machine had broken through the last tunnel, The Rail Engineer reports.

The line is complete, though it still requires testing and commissioning. The Lastochka, which is the first passenger train to run on the new rail, is part of the Siemens Desiro EMU family. It has an intelligent control system, resulting in the use of 30 percent less energy than current Russian EMUs.

The train uses power cars at each end of the five-coach unit, delivering a total of 2,550 kW. It has regenerative braking and a dual voltage power supply, 3kV DC and 25kV AC--essential for the new Olympic line, according to The Rail Engineer.

The trains were manufactured at Siemens' Krefeld factory, though the remainder will be produced locally to reduce the cost of transporting the units. To produce the EMUs, Ural Locomotives, a joint venture between Sinara Group and Siemens, has constructed a factory in Yekaterinburg, and production at the plant is expected to begin in November.

A new high-capacity road and rail corridor is being built to reach the mountain Olympic venues. New train stations will be built for the Olympics, as well, as will public spaces, a bus station, a 600-space car park, a 60-bed hotel, a harbor for boats from the Black Sea and a new ring road, The Rail Engineer reports.

The Winter Olympics will be held in February, marking the first Olympic event held in Russia since the widely boycotted 1980 Moscow Olympics. The Russian Federation has invested a great deal to ensure its success, and Sochi will benefit greatly from the new rail lines.