Saturday, June 23, 2018

Coca-Cola Hellenic publishes 2012 report on company operations

Coca-Cola Hellenic recently published a report on sustainable development, presenting the company's operating and non-financial indicators in areas of environmental footprint, ensuring safe working conditions, running social and charity projects, interacting with suppliers and protecting the customer's health.

Key highlights included the company's ranking of third in the packaging quality index and 13th on the product quality index among all the plants operating in the global Coca-Cola system around the world. The company also received the Supply Chain Quality Award last year for having the best plants among those based in the 28 countries where the Coca-Cola Hellenic Group operates.

The company also was ranked in the Universum TOP100's research results and was also listed in the top five employers list for employer rankings compiled by HeadHunter.

The company's plants have completed the certification process for the international standards of occupational health and safety management.

Last year, Coca-Cola Hellenic implemented a number of projects in sports and healthy, active living; education and youth work; culture; and environmental protection. Over 4,000 volunteers have contributed to the company's community projects.

The company achieved a high level of local production, with over 90 percent of raw materials and supplies produced in 2012 coming form Russian parties. The company is focusing on water efficiency, water stewardship and source water protection, saving energy and protecting the climate, minimizing waste and increasing recycling. The company has received positive results in its operations' environmental performance.

The company is also impacting the labor market, as every new job at the company results in 10 new jobs at its suppliers and customers.