Wednesday, June 20, 2018

UrFU students win big at European Climbing Championship

Two Ural Federal University students took home the championship in the European Climbing Championship held late last month.

Second-year student Dmitry Fakiryanov won the gold medal in the "difficult" stage. Fakiryanov studies at the Institute of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy at Ural Federal University. Fakiryanov will also compete as the defending Russian champion in rock climbing and as a finalist in the UEFA European Championships in the adult category.

UrFU student Vladislav Deulin won the bronze medal in speed climbing. The Russian team set the record for most awards won, taking home 10 of 18 possible medals.

The team is coached by Dmitry Sharafutdinov, an honored master of sport and honored worker of physical fitness in Russia. The vice president of the International Federation of Sport Climbing and UrFU's Alexander Piratinsky, a professor of service and tourism, also led the group, along with and Maya Piratinsky, a world-class athlete and senior lecturer in service and tourism.