Saturday, July 21, 2018

UrFU announces death of physics professor Lyceum Alexander Meek

Ural Federal University announced recently that Lyceum Alexander Meek, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy, died last Saturday after a long battle with serious illness.

Meek received his undergraduate degree in physics from Ural State University in 1968. Shortly after graduating, he began his research career with the Department of Optics at UrFU.

In 1990, Meek was named the first director of the university's specialized training and research center. Upon retiring from the position in 2002, Meek joined the university's physics and astronomy faculty.

Prior to his death, Meek served as the university's head of physics and astronomy department-- a position he first assumed in 2010.

The university will be holding a memorial service on Wednesday, July 31 at 11 a.m. local time in the mourning hall of Regional Hospital One, located on the corner of Clear and Bardin streets.