Friday, June 22, 2018

Three UrFU students win presidential scholarships to study abroad

Two Ural Federal University undergraduates and one graduate student recently won presidential scholarships to study abroad.

The winners include Chemical Technology Institute--or HTI--and UrFU graduate Dmitry Wroblewski, and undergraduates Elena Klimareva and Inna Hazhieva. The decision was made by a selection committee and was open to students nationwide. Grants were given to 105 Russian students.

Wroblewski plans to study at the Federal Polytechnic Institute of Lausanne in Switzerland. He chose the school because it has foremost fiber optics program in the world. Wroblewski works with HTI Supervisor and Professor Leah Vasilevne Zhukovovoy and Alexander Sergeyevich Korsakov, a senior lecturer in chemistry.

Klimareva will study at the University of Bangor in England where she will engage in the practical application of compounds, and Hazhieva plans to study at the University of Montreal in Canada.

The scholarship covers the entire study period, as well as travel expenses, the cost of visas, tuition, accommodations, registration health insurance and local transport. The period will last no more than one year and no less than one semester.

The application process was rigorous, and applicants had to provide a biographical sketch, a medical certificate, certificate of achievement, a certificate from the department of foreign languages, characteristics, recommendations from scientists and many other documents.