Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ural State Mining University hosts discussion on immigration

Ural State Mining University recently held an extended meeting of the ONF, including a round-table discussion on immigration and Russian society.

Over 70 people participated in the meeting, including representatives of various diasporas, businesses, culture and society. Additionally, Sverdlovsk Vice-Governor Yakov Silin and Deputy Chairman Vladimir Roman participated in the meeting.

The meeting involved discussion on the integration of migrants and displaced persons in Russian society. In the last six months, over 10 million foreigners entered Russia--a 12 percent increase over the year before.

Various opinion polls show that residents of the Sverdlovsk region hold a negative outlook on the arrival of migrants. The degree of passive resentment increased, partly due to a recent incident in which an Uzbeki driver knocked down a small child and tried to escape from the scene, inciting spontaneous protests.

The negative public sentiment may come from the difference in traditions and cultures, a lack of knowledge of the Russian language and poor representation of migrants in the media.

The government is committed to integrating migrants and retaining skilled professionals from abroad. The Russian government has also decided to create a special structure of the Popular Front in its regional government, which will be responsible for matters of international well-being.

The group adopted a draft resolution, saying that the Russian economy needs workers and that Russia cannot do without migrant workers, adding that both migrants and the host community need education in order to allow immigrants to adapt and become integrated in Russian society.