Saturday, June 23, 2018

USAAA holds puppet theater diploma ceremony

The Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts held a puppet theater ceremonial presentation of diplomas to graduates of the academy last week.

The diplomas went to masters and professionals, including architects, designers, urbanists and artists. The diplomas were presented by Professor S.P. Postnikov and by the deans and directors of various institutes.

Gold medals went to Renat Shangareev in architecture, Tatiana Hnyzhova in design and John Black in fine arts. Silver medals were awarded to Paul Bartow and Elizabeth Moreva in architecture, Olesya Saprykina in design and Jan Maslovskaya visual arts. Bronze medals went to Pauline Timofeev in architecture, Marina Assumption in design and Alexander Slepchuk in visual arts.

In addition to diplomas, graduates with distinguished public activity were awarded with diplomas and medals.

Representatives of the USAAA administration welcomed the graduates, as did teachers, special guests and parents. There was also a presentation by student groups, including the theater group, "A priori," the choreographic ensemble "Ultramarine" and the vocal group "Archimedes."