Saturday, June 23, 2018

Anton Lyzhin named winner of Minute Tehnoslavy competition

Sverdlovsk Regional Governor Evgeny Kuyvashev presented graduate student Anton Lyzhin with an award for his presentation in the "Minute Tehnoslavy" competition.

The final presentations of the ten best projects of the competition were held at the Innoprom 2013 international exhibition. Finalists included undergraduate and graduate students in Yekaterinburg who presented their innovations. The governor congratulated the young scientists, presented them with gifts and encouraged them to continue making progress in their research.

Lyzhin presented on the industrial incubator as a modern training environment, which seeks to improve the training of both workers and trainers.

"No one doubts that both workers and trainers are good workers, but the conditions of modern production dictate new requirements to their competence," Lyzhin said in his project. "Workers should not be fixated on fulfillment of their operations, they need to rapidly develop new manufacturing technologies, know the requirements of the customer, to be able to work as a team."

The incubator creates conditions that simulate a real production process, giving graduates of technical universities who work as plant trainers the ability to acquire managerial experience and competence. The workers upgrade their skills and can use the incubator as a launching pad for professional growth.

The project was implemented under a cooperative agreement between Uralmashplant and the Russian State Professional and Pedagogical University.