Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Foreign delegations express interest in collaboration with UrFU

Ural Federal University was visited by foreign delegations from Germany, Iran, Africa and Belarus during the Innoprom expo, and the delegations later expressed interested in collaborating with the university on small innovative projects.

Proposals to collaborate on engineering centers and the the implementation of international projects were discussed by heads of state during Innoprom.

Even more proposals for collaborative efforts were received from foreign universities such as Aalto University in Finland, Sungkyunkwan and Yonsei Universities in South Korea, the City University of Hong Kong and China's TsingHua University.

UrFU plans to expand its campus to accommodate future scientific and educational centers.

In order to continue to attract and retain quality scientific faculty at Ural Federal University, the regional government plans to increase teacher salaries by 11 to 22 percent over the next seven years.